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Becoming a webmaster or just wanted to show off, this site will show you all the tricks of the trade all within this site.  So if you are wanted to know how do you really have your web pages on the net net, you will need a web space provider or a web hoster.  After that you have to type how you want your web site you act and feel. Whether if you already know it all like from; html, java script, asp (application service provider), Perl, active-x, and even the new xml scripts. One great thing about starting a web site is you can do it with little or no money. With just an investment of only your time you can make a little extra spending money, a second income, or even make enough to quit your job. In the resources section there are links to helpful programs, Hosts,  Great Sponsors, and more.  If you are really tired of going to all the different web sites to get what you want, you don't have to anymore because I start off showing the basic to the finish product.  All the web pages you see on the Internet was made by someone using scripting methods like html.  I will show you it all.  If you want to see one of my sites I made in the start click here.   
So if you have a computer and want to make a site using html, JavaScript but can't find any html sources or guides to help you.  I have the basic html sources to get you started as well as some html checks you can perform on your site when it's completed.
This site will constantly be improved and updated, specifically the Articles section. I will be adding more tips on site design and HTML aimed at the new webmaster. There are some great sites in my resources section with technical and design tips but many are aimed at more experienced webmasters. If you have any comments or constructive criticism of this site feel free to E-Mail Me


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These are links that will help your site look and feel better.  I don't show you how because I'm just learning as well so please let me know if it help you a bit.  Flash sites are becoming more and more now.bfast help low

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